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Raw Data,
Repeat Data and
Failed Experimental Data
Three Badges to Empower your

Open-Access and
Open-data Policies.

Discover the Missing Contents of a Scientific Article and Make them Discovered by Your Readers.


Makes the findings easily reproducible and minimise the claims of Scientific Irreproducibility


Reflects Article's authenticity & your credible peer-review policies


Showcase your care for Open-data policies to the world and leverage a competitive advantage

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Invite Authors to Submit Data Associated with their Articles under Communication.
Review the Data Submitted by Authors
Review it, for Checking it's Authenticity and Credibility
Assign Reviewers
Assign Reviewers to Cross-verify the claims made by Author in the Manuscript
Discover and Make the Data Discoverbale
Assign a DOI to the Data, submitted by the Author
Place a Magic Script code in your Website
Make the badges appear alongside the Publication.
Readers can Click on the badges and see the data.
Kudos! to your Peer-review policies
All of it at No additional cost to your Infrastructure.

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Complies with both Open and Closed-Access Journals

Data is Stored in the Cloud
Your Data & Your Rights.
Comply with Open-Data Policies
At no Additional Cost to your Infrastructure.
No Third Party Entry
Unidirectional Traffic to Data Pages.